Start doing these 3 things to improve your grades and wellbeing

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Your Peer Assisted Learning Leaders share some top tips on how to improve your grades and wellbeing:


As the term gets busier, it can be tempting to skip exercise for a session of intense revision but studies have shown that getting active can boost performance whilst easing anxiety and stress. Why not go for a jog or a run if you are beginning to feel overwhelmed with an approaching deadline or class project?


Taking breaks

As opposed to a boring 8 hour session of revision where you can barely remember your own name by the time you’re finished; split the time into 50 minute segments with a 10 minute break. Not only will this be more enjoyable but studies have shown that the brain can only focus for a period between 50 and 90 minutes. So take that break!


Focus on activities unrelated to studying:

‘A Gallup survey of more than 30,000 college graduates found that those who had an internship or similar hands-on experience that allowed them to apply the lessons of the classroom were twice as likely to be engaged in life and work after college.’

Being a student is undoubtedly difficult and there is no one size fits all to improving your mental health. However, by acknowledging when you are struggling will help you achieve what your goals are whether they are large or small and get that 2:1 you’re working so hard for. I have often struggled with my mental health but by doing a few of the things I’ve mentioned in this article; I feel more relaxed and ready to face the challenges that we all have to inevitably face. Look after yourself, have fun and don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you feel you need to.


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