The new kids on the block

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We are very happy to introduce our brand new Part Time Officers who were very recently elected at our Scrutiny Pane!

But wait! How does this affect me?

Well, our Part Time Officers are student volunteers who represent groups of Derby Uni students. If you're LGBTQ, if you struggle with your mental health, if you want to make improvements to your area of study - whatever it is, there's probably a part time officer who represents you and can help to improve your University experience.

So, what do they do?

In a nutshell, our Part Time Officers take feedback from students on what they want improving or changing or including at the University, and our Part Time Officers give this feedback back to the University with a view to trying to get what you want to become a reality! No matter what you want, let our part time officers know - we really want to improve university life for you all.

What is this Scrutiny Panel you mentioned?

Every couple of months, the Union officers update a panel of volunteers with what they've been working on and the progress they are making. All students are invited to this meeting and can question the officers. You can also watch on Facebook Live if you cant attend in person. You can see the latest video online.

Who are the newly elected Part Time Officers?

We had six vacancies and numerous, wonderful, candidates. Our Scrutiny Panel panellists deliberated long in to Tuesday evening before finally electing the following candidates.

  • Part Time Officer (Ethnic Minorities) - John Mungai
  • Part Time Officer (Education Chair) - Chris Winson
  • Part Time Officer (Social Sciences) - Jo Easom
  • Part Time Officer (Nursing and Professional Practice) - Paula Gale
  • Part Time Officer (Chesterfield) - Viki Bradley
  • Part Time Officer (Joint Honours) - Kristian Rollason

You can contact our Part Time Officers via email at any time - please reach out to them - they can keep your identify confidential and are always happy to help! Their email addresses can be found on our officers' page.

Congratulations to all of our newly elected officers and thank you so much to all of you who put yourselves forward for the roles. Please check our news regularly for future vacancies. 


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