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A Student Representative speaking on a microphone

Vacancies have arisen for four fantastic Part Time Officer roles. If you want to represent an entire group of students with a view to improving their student experience and also be a part of decision making to drive the direction of the University, then this is the role for you! 

The Vacancies

  • Part Time Officer (Law)
  • Part Time Officer (Human Sciences)
  • Part Time Officer (Buxton Activities)
  • Part Time Officer (Mature Students)

The Role in a Nutshell

Our Part Time Officers are student volunteers who represent a group of students with a view to improving those students' University experience. Our Part Time Officers can earn a range of rewards for volunteering their time with us and are invited to exclusive socials and events. It is a FANTASTIC addition to a CV and is great if you want to make the University of Derby an even better place to study and are passionate about improvement and helping others and also, the roles are part time so are perfect for busy students.

What are the commitments of the role across the year?

  • Gather feedback from and Programme reps: reach out to them to get their and the general student feedback about Law student experience – what needs improving and what works well -  promote various Union events to them, hold socials etc. (if you wish to!)
  • Attend 2-3 meetings a year with University staff: to give the feedback you got from the Programme Reps to help improve the student experience!
  • Attend Education Council /Buxton Council or Equality and Diversity Council – a meeting held five times per year – to present your feedback from students and what you’ve been working on to the rest of our Part Time Officers and to vote on and/or discuss current issues and topics.
  • Attend Scrutiny Panel – Held six times per year, we ask that Part Time Officers attend a minimum of two, this is a meeting where our full time officers are scrutinised on their work and progress in their role. 
  • Attend Annual General Meeting – Held once a year where all students vote on huge changes to the Union of Students

There are many other optional things you can get involved in, but how much or how little you do above your core duties is entirely up to you!

What will I get for my time in the role?

  • Rewards based on how much you do
  • Exclusive social events
  • Certificate
  • Invite to glitzy awards ceremony, where you can be nominated and (hopefully) win!
  • Fantastic experience for your CV
  • Making new connections with fellow Part Time Officers, Programme Reps, Students and University staff

How do I apply?

You will need to email laura.maher@derbyunion.co.uk explaining that you want to put yourself forward. Attached to this email you will need to send your short manifesto (this is a few bullet points you will need to write about what you want to achieve in the role which should be related to your role and/or more general ie. In relation to mental health, lgbtq+ etc. – example attached) and you will either need to attend a Union meeting (5th December, Ked Road Campus, 5.00pm-7.00pm, Room B212) with your manifesto and to deliver a short speech to a panel of student volunteers about why you want and would be good for the role, or you can submit these directly to us and they will be delivered on your behalf. The panel will then decide who they want to elect in to the role and you will be notified by email within 24 hours. 

If you have any questions about any part of this or want to see the full role description for any of the roles, please don’t hesitate to contact us at laura.maher@derbyunion.co.uk


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