Would you like to be a programme rep?

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Would you like to be a programme rep? Are you a programme rep and want to continue as one next year?

If you are interested in representing the student voice and having a direct impact upon the student experience within the university, then being a Programme Rep might be the job for you!


What is a Programme Rep?

Programme reps are integral to ensuring that the student voice is always heard and acted upon. Programme reps represent students on their particular programme of study. They collect feedback from their fellow students and relay this back to academic and support staff at 'Programme Committee Meetings'.


Programme Reps are really important and have made some significant changes based on the student voice. Over the last year Programme Reps have worked with staff to:

  • Move deadlines
  • Add modules
  • Build in extra support sessions
  • Improved WiFi coverage and connection
  • Get more books
  • Change course content
  • Get storage space

What are the main responsibilities of a Programme Rep?

  • To act as a voice for the students on your programme of study
  • To gather feedback from students on your course and relay this back to academic and student support staff
  • To liaise with your Programme tutors and the Union of Students to ensure that the student experience on your course is the best it can be
  • To be actively involved with the decision making on your programme of study


What are the benefits?

Skills development

By being a Programme Rep you will develop numerous transferable skills that are essential for any future career, such as:

  • Confidence and communication: a main part of being a Programme Rep is speaking to students and sharing their feedback to staff in official meetings
  • Leadership: you will be leading the student voice representation for your programme of study and will be an advocate on behalf of those students
  • Independent work and initiative: you will often work independently to gather student feedback and use your own initiative to work out how best to communicate the feedback
  • Team work: you will also be working in collaboration with staff members to positively impact the university experience

These are just some the skills you'll develop as a Programme Rep. Being in a role such as this will look great on your CV as it demonstrates you are, not just committed to the student experience but, willing to volunteer your spare time to support others!

Recognition and Support

As a Programme Rep you can apply for the Futures Awards and have these commitments recognised. The Futures Awards recognises your voluntary activities, including being a Programme Rep. Not only is the award recognised on your certificate at the end of your degree, but it enables you to reflect upon the skills you have learnt within your volunteer experiences. It really gives you that bit of extra impact for your CV and helps to develop you as you go along.


As a Programme Rep you will receive in-depth training that goes over the academic representation structure, the best ways to gather feedback and how to relay this back to staff. You will also receive continuous support from the Union and your Programme Tutors who will be there to help you with your role and ensure that your ideas are being heard and that you are getting the most out of your role. With over 750 other Programme Reps you're never alone and there's always someone to talk to! And yes, you will also receive freebies!!


Still Interested?

You can nominate yourself to be a Programme Rep for the next academic year 2019/2020 now!

To do this start by talking to your Programme Tutor. You'll need to be elected into the role by your student cohort and then register as a Rep with the Union via the link.

Take the step and speak to your tutor today!


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