Bake Off

Welcome Bakers!

Eager to avoid a soggy bottom? Who isn't... Here at the Great Derby Bake Off we love all things baking, and we'd love to share our passion with other cake and pastry orientated folk at Derby Uni! 

All capabilities welcome! Come and join us, there might even be a cup of tea in it for you. 


What do we do?

For the 2020/2021 academic year, we’ll be getting together to create some sensational signatures, take the ick! out of technicals, and give a round of applause for your showstoppers! And of course no need to worry about dietary restrictions - we’ll ask about them before deciding on any recipes, and you can of course substitute out anything you need to. Throughout the year we will be awarding Star Bakers so participate in as many baking challenges as you can!

We plan on not only baking together but we also aim to offer a social aspect too - though this may be limited to our group chat until in person meetings are more accessible. Please contact any of our committee or our social media accounts to be added to this!


Meet the Committee

President: Lorna Winson
The Baker / The Bake


Hiya! My name is Lorna, I’m studying psychology. I first delved into the world of baking out of complete and utter boredom and it turned out to be a bit of a hidden skill that I ended up being able to pour my energy and passion into. My other hobbies include gaming, drawing, singing and making new friends - if you can class that as a hobby... Basically what I’d like to say is please never be afraid to speak with me about any issues or anything baking/society related because I don’t bite... unless you’re a cupcake then watch out maybe ;)

Ready, set, BAKE!