A friendly society ran by Geography students, for Geography students and anyone interested in Geography! 

We will have a number of social events, such as quizzes, nights out, and games in the park. We also hope to have days out to places like the Peak District! 
There will be a number of events linked to the academic side of Geography - such as guest lecturers and study support groups (maybe even some cake!). 
We're also hoping to collaborate with other societies too. 

Last year the society managed to hold 3 walks in the Peak District, 2 quizzes and a couple of social events allowing members from all stages of university to bond. We will keep this going in the coming year as well as adding to the activities in hopes to build a strong society worth joining.  

We'd also love to hear from you, whether this is with ideas for activites or any questions you would like answering about the society. No question is a stupid question, we are happy to help so please don't hesitate to contact us. 



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Twitter: @UoD_Geog_Soc

Instagram: @uod_geogsoc