Our society is all about coming together to sing and have fun as a group of friends! :) 

We can’t stress enough how experience and confidence in singing are NOT necessary to be a part of Glee- our society is here to help provide these things! We meet every week to have a chilled out, friendly session as a group. In these meet-ups there are the opportunities to sing harmonies, mash-ups and solos. We sing a variety of songs from all genres, both accompanied and accapella. Occasionally we upload our covers onto our very own YouTube channel, on which we have almost hit 100,000 views! 

Although our sessions are mainly there to give busy students somewhere to relax and sing with friends, we also take on many opportunities to perform throughout the year, as we thoroughly enjoy showing people what fabulous talent and team spirit we have as a society. This means that there’s always something to work towards and look forward to! On top of performances, we love to host and attend events such as fundraisers for RAG,  open-mic nights, activities for children and much more. Last year we achieved the bronze award for US points, due to the success and number of events we hosted and participated in- and this year we’re aiming even higher! :D

If you want a chilled environment to jam with friends, alongside the opportunity to perform and win awards, come and join our ever-growing, fun-focused Glee Club! :)

YouTube channel: