Hellenic and Cypriot

Welcome to the Hellenic and Cypriot Society! 

We are very excited to be back and ready for the new academic year. The society was created to aid students from Cyprus and Greece , embracing our culture and values. Our society aims to bring everyone together not just students from Cyprus and Greece but also professionals who stay in Derby. We want to bring a sense of home and safety were everyone feels welcomed. 

As a society , we aim to create events that bring our culture to Derby such as Greek traditional music nights that will showcase our countries art , music and dance. Thus , we will have the chance to unite with other societies from other cities to engage with other Hellenic and Cypriot comnnunities.

We have memberships for £5 which gives the ability to students to get discounts at our events.

Make sure to follow us on social media : Instagram at Derbygreeks and our email hellenicandcypriot.soc@derbyunion.co.uk