Welcome to the Maths Society. Anyone can join. Yes, you in Journalism, Engineering, Media Production, Marketing and Theatre. Any subject.

But why would you?

Because our Society needs talent from across the University to help us create amazing maths videos, write blogs, report on events and tell stories of the beautful, yes beautiful, world of maths.

For example, did you know: the seeds in a sunflower, galaxies, shells and many other things in the universe are arranged according to the Golden Ratio!

Last year we created a Maths Society Website and YouTube channel featuring videos created in the Green Screen Studio in Markeaton Street.

And we're doing a lot more this year.

We need people to help us show off our love of Maths. Please use us to your hearts content for your projects, portfolios and coursework. Just ask. You can work on an existing video or project of ours or suggest your own. We'll provide the Maths... and promote your work. 

And if you want to appear in one of our videos... well, you had us at "hello".

Other services we provide/support:

  • Maths Cafe (Maths support for any student - see link to the right)
  • Maths Certificate (Maths skill verification for any student - details soon)
  • Industry associations and career support
  • Screenings and other events
  • Weekly pub quizz at the Bless pub
  • Alumni gathering

Join the Maths Society today and you will receive a comprehensive pack about what the society does, can support you with and full details of the Maths Video Project. You can join the society if you are a student, alumni or a lecturer at the University of Derby - in any subject. You will also be entered into a prize draw on Friday 23rd October 2020 for a pair of coveted Bang & Olufsen earphones worth £300.

Oh and it costs £3.14 to join.. because the circumference of a circle is 3.14 times the length of its diameter. OK this isn't a real reason, we just like this number. But we hope you'll agree, it equals great value.