Adventist Students on Campus

Seventh-day Adventist Society is a group of young followers of Jesus that are concerned about spiritual and physical wellbeing of every individual. We believe that in order to have healthy mind, healthy body is needful. We here to share our beliefs as well as some health principles.

For everyone who is willing we would want to invite to be part of:

  • Bible studies;
  • Health workshops (Cookery demonstrations, educational talks);
  • Movie nights;
  • Game nights (Board Games, Nintendo Wii etc.);
  • Outgoing trips (E.g. Alton Towers, Safari);
  • Christian Drama Club;
  • Creating Apple and Google Apps;
  • Participating in "With Love from Bethel" (charity run by Bethel Seventh-day Adventist Church)) community projects (Distributing food, clothing for a needy people, Christmas/Easter Gifts giveaways and even more).

If you want to know more about healthy lifestyle or Jesus, or just want to make some new friends and spend your time meaningfully, we are here for you.

Looking forward to see you soon!