St Helena

We from the St Helena's Commitee (Paula Gale, Viki Bradley and Danielle Blair) would like to say hello and welcome!!

We want students of the St Helena's campus (Chesterfield) from all cohorts and courses, to be able to join together and have some fun. We will be holding get togethers, trips and social events for you to attend. We hope to provide enjoyment for you to help ease the stress and worries your course may bring! This will also be a great opportunity for you to meet other people from other courses and cohorts at St Helena's campus.

Please contact us by emailing us for any information such as signing up, if you want to become involved with the running of the society or to find out what we have planned. We will also welcome any thoughts, suggestions and feedback to help us provide the best service for you students!


Please see below at the events we have planned for 2019/2020:


We look forward to meeting you,

Paula, Viki and Danielle