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A letter to my valentine - by Your Computing and Engineering Officer

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Powered by us - Frederico Almeida, Computing & Engineering Officer

Our companion throughout the whole of the university experience.

We often take it for granted,

But without it our Uni experience is fragmented,

The experts in championing your voice,

Need you to share your choice,

For our time together is short,

Yet together we can better the sport.

We have gone through, the impossible

and have achieved the improbable.

But the struggle is not yet wasted frustration.

Our voice dedicated with no hesitation.

Today Is the day to re-kindle, re-affirm revive our commitment in reaching for the moon. For every step gets us closer to the stars.

Get Your Voice Heard Through Us

Talk to your course rep, or become one today.

Reach out to your education officer.

For without your voice, we are lost.

By Your Computing & Engineering Officer
Frederico Almeida


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