2020 Successes

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Know your Rep red tshirts

Your programme reps and part time officers have moved to representing you virtually, but have always been there to answer any queries or questions. If you do not know who your programme rep is, you can find them on our website's ‘know your rep’ page.

If you are unsure of who your part time officer is, you can find them on our website's ‘your officers’ page.

Part Time Officer key successes

  • More accessible disabled parking for students
  • Increased visibility and awareness for disabled students around campus including toilets and lifts
  • Increased awareness for the support of student parents via the Facebook group
  • Gathering feedback from students and reps that inform University decision making processes
  • Successful student forum events with key University staff
  • Planned and delivered exciting events for Black History Month and Disability History Month
  • Increased the equipment loan length for students in the School of Arts

Programme Rep Key Successes

  • Securing extensions on deadlines for the whole year group
  • Getting extra support sessions put on for students ahead of assessments or extra mock exams
  • Making sure more explanation is given for assignments or new modules when students have felt confused
  • Ensuring better, and more timely, communication between lecturers and students
  • Making sure the whole cohort has been assigned a Personal Academic Tutor
  • Changing problems with students’ timetables

If you would like to get involved to create positive changes and improve the student experience - you can run in our elections, nominations are now open!


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