Four ways we represent your academic interests...

...and three ways you can get involved right now!

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These are the four main ways your union represents your academic interests:

  1. The advice team who provide a free, confidential advice and support service individual students
  2. Your student reps who feedback directly to the tutors on your programme and at...
  3. The annual Representation Conference.
  4. Your elected officers who attend the most senior meetings of the university and ensure your voice is always top of the agenda. 

These roles been needed more this year than ever, directly influencing the no-detriment policy and the improved support with University accommodation during lockdown. it is not too late for you to get involved and give your views by:

  1. Running in a Union election to represent your peers’ academic interests further.
  2. Our Ideas Forum
  3. At events like our regular College Student Forums

Get involved!


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