Annual General Meeting – The Results!

Find out what changes are being made to your Union of Students

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The Union Annual General Meeting took place on Thursday 29th April where a series of changes to the Union of Students were voted on by over 50 students. It’s fantastic to see our members so passionate about the Union and the wider University and we would like to thank you for turning out to vote and voice your opinions!. The outcome of each motion was as follows:

  1. Changes to Scrutiny Panel


    Reducing the number of required Scrutiny Panels from 6 to 4 per year but also allowing for Extraordinary Scrutiny Panels to be called if required similar to our AGM/EGM process and minor amendments to terminology and procedure.

  2. Creation of the role 'Part Time Officer (Accommodation)'


    A Part Time Officer role to represent students in relation to their accommodation.

  3. Creation of the role ‘Part Time Officer (Ethics)’


    A Part Time Officer to represent students in improving ethics within the Union and University

  4. Postgraduate Research Representation


    To solve the conflict of interest of the PGR Part Time Officer sitting on our Education Council by creating a PGR Council

  5. Representation Name Changes


    Changes to the names of some of our roles.

  6. Representation Policy


    We have created a new Representation policy in collaboration with the University, which outlines all student representation. We feel that our Standing Orders should reflect this and refer to the Representation Policy, rather than duplicating information. These are changes that have already been agreed with student consultation.

  7. Removal of the Buxton site specific Part Time Officer Roles


    Due to the imminent closure of the Buxton campus it is proposed to remove the Buxton campus PTOs

  8. Introduction of a ‘Part Time Officer (Apprenticeships)’


    A Part Time Officer to represent students who are studying on an apprenticeship programme.

  9. Combined Activities Pass


    To introduce a combined Activities Pass for those students who want to join sports and societies.

  10. Sports Affiliation Fees


    To restructure how clubs pay this fee with the introduction of a tiered system to make it clearer for clubs, fairer and more transparent

  11. Change to the Part Time Officer (Sustainability)


    To include direct reference to the Union Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and include a provision for them to work with relevant societies and student led services.

What Happens Next?

Changes approved at the AGM will be put in to effect and amended in our Standing Orders as soon as possible. You can expect to see these changes in action very soon. We will also post a full voting break-down to our website soon.

I want to make changes, how can I do that?

In many ways!

And if you have any other questions, please contact


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