Campaigns and Priorities

This year we'll be focussing on the following issues and priority campaigns. So keep an eye out for what's happening and make sure you let us know what's important to you.

Bananas wearing condoms

Love Sexual Health and Consent. What is consent? How does it work? How do I get support around sexual violence and seuxal health?

Launched February 2023

Welfare Advice

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An open wallet containing cash and credit cards
Cost of Living

A priority for the Union and all the Officers, the current Cost of Living crisis is addressed by Callum with a some tips and tricks.

Launched February 2023


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A woman in a wheelchair playing sport
Yes You Can

Our former Vice President (Activities), and current President, aims to encourage students from all backgrounds, situations, and expertise to get involved in sport.

Launched March 2023

Activities Officers

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