Would you like to be a programme rep?

Are you a programme rep and want to continue as one next year, or keen to start? We're recruiting candidates now...

We're representing you... in Buxton!

The Union of Students, particularly the Buxton Part Time Officers, hosted a Student Forum event at Buxton campus with a wide range of supportive university staff.

We want to see you in that role, baby by by by(elections)

Missed out on a role in the Elections or want to volunteer with the Union? Then this is your opportunity - find out how you can get involved in the By-Elections!!

Water Fountains, 24hr Library, Microwaves… and loads of other ways we represented you last term!

The Union exists to represent your academic interests, which includes anything and everything that affects your time at university. Through our Programme Reps, student forums, Part Time Officers, students using the online Ideas Forum and through our 5 Officers we have made some amazing changes from student feedback just in this term alone!

How we represented your interests - technology

The union exists to represent your interests, from academic to advice, social to support and a lot more. Here is how we have been working with the University to improve your IT experience.

Markeaton Street Students - We listened to you!

On Monday 19th November, a group of elected student representatives based at Markeaton Street held a forum on the biggest issues affecting their student experience, and the experience of the Markeaton Street student body.

Know your rep week - Buxton student feedback and follow-up

On Wednesday 21st November a group of elected representatives based at Buxton held a forum on the biggest issues affecting their student experience. They spoke about a wide range of topics and received a direct response from a panel of University and Union staff.

Sleep-Out for Padley

The Union of Students are sleeping rough on the floor outside the Derby Cathedral to raise money for padley! Wanna get involved? Read more for info...

Election Results

The results of the Union Elections 2019!

Does size matter?

Is it really that important - what do you think?

How I got involved and became a rep and hero!

Aaron Spencer (bottom left), welcome hero and programme rep talks about his experience with union and how you can get involved too.

What means the most to Derby students?

What do Derby students want to change about their experience at the University of Derby and how can it be done? Read more!