An update from your Union President
President, Daniella Quill stood outside Derby University.

Daniella Quill outlines the latest news and changes happening within your Union...

Election Results 2020
Josh, Emily, and Nina pose as the winners of the Vice President positions in the Elections

The results of the Union Elections 2020!

Nominate someone brilliant for an award
The inside of a theatre with the audience in their seats

The Union Awards - Education.
Do you know any student or staff who have gone above and beyond?
If yes - nominate them for one of our awards!

Interview with 1999-2000 Vice President (Welfare) Clare Clark
Clare Clark's campaign poster from 1999.

“Amazing – once in a lifetime.” Clare reflects on her transformative experience as Vice President (Welfare).

Your questions answered!
A group of people with their hands in the air

Your Programme Reps and Part Time Officers attended Rep Conference in November and asked key University staff members questions all things relating to facilities to improve your student experience.

Interview with 2014-16 President Daisy Giuliano
A photo of Daisy smiling in Blends.

“Fun. Transformative. Memories for life.” Daisy reviews her time as elected Union President.

3 takeaways from the School of Arts rep forum
A photograph of a Chinese takeaway on a table

Representing the interests of Arts students at the rep conference - Art and Media Officer Nina Cupric updates on behalf of her team of reps in the school.

Would you carpool to uni?
A still image of James Corden in the car on Carpool Karaoke

Part Time Officer Rachel represents the interests of Commuter Students by looking into lift share schemes.

Representing your interests – Academic Societies
A rep speaking into a microphone at the annual Rep Coference

Nicole opens about her experience as a Part Time Officer and exciting plans for a new academic society for Education.

BREAKING: Basshunter confirmed for Freshers 2019
Basshunter's logo

Eurodance sensation Basshunter has joined Love Island's Luke Kempner as part of your star-studded Freshers' Fortnight line-up!

Computer says "yes"
A trojan virus dancing

Your Union of Students have been horsing around all in the name of benefitting you. Here's every freebie you will ever need, courtesy of IT Services.

7 huge updates from Student Summit
A student rep speaking into a microphone at Rep Conference

You incited change. Here's an update on everything you've asked for.

Representing your Interests at Rep Conference

Wednesday 27th November saw the annual Union of Students representative conference. The Union's Part Time Officer for Education Council, Chris Winson, reflects on some of the key points from the academic discussion within the panel debate.

Top Tips for Student Parents
An image of Kellyann in front of a kitchen, with the words 'Top Tips for Student Parents' next to he

We have all just completed our first week of the children being off school (although some may have finished earlier) so I hope you’re reflecting and finding positives that you have achieved in that week.

Representing your interests - Buxton
A Union Representative speaks into a microphone at the Programme Rep Conference.

Your questions answered about changes relating to Buxton students...

Inclusive and delicious - when did you last visit the Academy bar?

Join us for a bite to eat in the Academy today and enjoy dishes to suit every tastebud and dietary requirement.

Compassion in Education Conference
A speaker in front of a projected slide

Education Chair Chris Winson reports on his experience at the first ever Compassion in Education Conference.

NUS-SOS Sustainability Summit

Angharad Evans, Officer for Ethics and Environment reports back from the NUS Sustainability Summit...

Derby Uni has gone Anonymous

Who even are you?!

Leadership Retreat 2019

The Education Councillor for Human Sciences, Wayne McFarland, reflects on his time at Leadership Retreat 2019.